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Lean. Clean. Mean.

A 2-day strategy hackathon with your founding team to refine your idea and develop a ready-to-execute product narrative. Book Us Now

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A product incubation programme to optimise and consolidate existing product experiences, and build on user engagement blueprints. Contact Us


We work with entrepreneurs and teams who quickly adapt to market responses and take quick decisions on how and where their product should go next.


The PAVE Framework

We've spent countless hours and created the most essential framework for product design.

We help identify product-market fit opportunities by building frameworks of validation and strategic decisions
We take the lean startup approach to quickly help build and measure, and use the learning to build again
We define and measure success metrics to validate your hypothesis and execute minimum viable awesome products
We identify journeys and craft experiences that are intuitive, natural, beautiful and classy
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What They Say

  • Awesome team, understands startup dynamics - very quick turnaround & expansive in thought process. An ideal business partner!!!

    Soumya Chatterjee - Co-founder, EasyRewardz
  • PaperKite internalized our concept so well that it appeared we were talking to an in-house team, and there were no communication gaps ever. Not only were their UI models simple, elegant and functional, the discussions were healthy, fruitful and their suggestions were of immense value.

    Siddhartha Asthana - Co-founder, Fliqvine
  • Lot of thought leadership, creativity, and an excellent grip on UI.

    Abhishek Kashyap - Co-founder, Sigmod Labs

Adding Value at Every Conversation

With over 6 years of startup experience, we bring you specialists for all your product-related concerns. We are a team of multi-disciplinary thinkers who share the passion for business and technology led product development.

Team Member
Kshitish Purohit
Product Management
Team Member
Kavita Myles
Research Initiatives
Team Member
Manan Vohra
Business Intelligence
Team Member
Tarun Sharma
Information Architecture
Team Member
Piyush Bansal
Research & Analysis

We Make Sure That

  • We work on ideas that make sense.

    Your startup/idea is not just another 'project' for us, for which we make sure it makes as much sense to us as it makes to you.

  • We apply all that we've learnt in the past.

    We take 'multi-disciplinary' very seriously and bring a holistic perspective to the table.

  • We question all the models in place.

    You don't want your investor to grill you - and definitely not your customer! You're in safe hands with us questioning your proposition.

  • We keep your goals in focus.

    We don't take a cookie-cutter approach - each product is defined by it's goals, and each team is defined by how they've set their goals. For us, that's what matters.

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We're located in New Delhi and London